Experience the power of Transformation as distinct from Change within the context of the Leadership. This is about producing breakthrough results, NOT incremental change.



Dan, 3D Printing CEO 

“The training helped me identify blind spots where I was overlooking valuable information. Their simple yet highly effective tools helped me find those areas where I could improve efficiency and grow value, better streamlining my business..."

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Chanelle, TV Media Planner

“My name is Chanelle and I’m a Liberty Political Activist. I am now a TV Media Planner for an organization called i360. I’m responsible for optimizing the number of eyes put on a free market television ad. This training not only provided me with the tools to be a more production member of society, but more importantly, the resources to better understand how I react to different situations and adjust my behaviors accordingly. Since taking the training, I have gotten a more fulfilling job (my current i360 job)  and more involved in the community. My productivity as a whole has sky rocketed, and I feel more confident in my decision-making..."

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Chris, Political Tech Activist

 "Around the world, tectonic shifts in corporate and political power structures reveal a powerful need for a new breed of leader. As the world transforms at an increasingly rapid pace, so must we. Our old ways of being must yield to a new science of transformation: a systematic approach to remove old blind spots and develop new lenses of perception, new contexts for action. You won’t get this training in business school. But for the leaders of tomorrow, there is nothing more important."